How is your work different from other technicians?

Lash Boss is different than other technicians because the health of the natural lashes is most important to her. She will always be honest with her clients about what set of lashes will best suit their lashes and which set will keep their lashes the healthiest.


For Example: Someone with very thin sparse lashes will be better off with shorter lighter lashes whereas a client with full thick lashes can withstand a heavier set. 

How long does an average session take?

An average session takes around 2 hours. This allows her to have enough time to determine the look you’re going for, explain the process if you’re a first time client, tape your eyes, make fans, isolate every lash needed to complete the set, and allow for drying time once the set is complete.

Are you fully qualified?

Yes! Lash Boss is fully qualified and 2 time certified lash technician. She has taken the master class with Viva Esthetics where she learnt the basics and fundamentals of healthy, sustainable lashing.


Lash Boss has also taken the LASHGOD volume/styling class where she learnt more specific techniques such as layering, safe stacking, lash mapping, healthy dimensions, styling, shaping, lash wrapping and much more. 

What is your application process?

Classic lashes are applied with one single mink lash of .18 thickness on one natural lash. This can be done with every third natural lash to create a more natural look or it can be done to every single natural lash to create a more full look. 


Natural volume lashes applied with proper isolation and handmade volume fans. The lash fans are applied to every third natural lash to create a more natural and less dramatic or full look. The fans are made with mink lashes and have a thickness of .05 or .03. 


Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic lashes of .18 thickness and of volume fans of .05 thickness. The classic lashes are applied first at around 40% and the volume fans cover the remaining 60% of the set. 


Volume lashes are applied with volume fans. Each fan is handmade with lashes of .05 or .03 thickness during the appointment. Volume lashes cover around 65-85% of natural lashes. 


Mega volume lashes are applied with mega volume fans made with .03. thickness mink lashes. Each fan is handmade and applied to a single natural lash. Mega volume lashes cover about 85%-100% of lashes. 

the Look you're going for.

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